Smart web session control& clustering solution, ClusterPlus

Why ClusterPlus?

Session Clustering

A session cluster is the binding of the session to
more than one active application server Java virtual machine (JVM) sharing a common HTTP session table.

Why it makes me to login again?

Request for reconnection due to WAS server failure causes customer dissatisfaction to the service which can directly lead to sales decline.

Above multiple WAS in operation, if an issue occurs at a server approached by a customer, customers can do nothing but log-in again to use the service. Re-connections caused by loss of Session information in the event of a WAS failure will not only cause additional loads but also cause customer dissatisfaction and inconvenience.

For today’s customers who are always connected to the online service in various ways, continuity and stability directly influences to service satisfaction. Therefore, service discontinuity causes customer dissatisfaction, lowers and revisit rate, thereby blow to company’s sales.

Session Clustering provides high availability of Web Application, securement of service integrity, and Failover when a failure occurs.

Session Clustering saves session information not only in the relevant server, but also in other neighboring server, session server or DB. Therefore, even though failure occurs, it recovers the session from the stored location and enables to maintain the identical session.

Session Clustering binds numerous distributed WAS Instances as a logical group that shares sessions. Thus, it provides location transparency of service requests from customer’s position, and automatic Session Failover in the event of load balancing and equipment or server failure.

WEB Application의 고가용성과 서비스 무결성 확보 / 장애 발생으로 인한 Failover 수행 (무중단 서비스 제공)

High-Cost Clustering

With recent mission-critical tasks being developed in the form of Web applications, the necessity became higher for Web applications to build infrastructure with high availability. To ensure high availability of system, commercial WAS vendors separately provide WAS Enterprise Edition, which provides Session Clustering function.

You need to purchase the Enterprise Edition to use Session Clustering, but it is more expensive than Standard Edition and is not compatible with other WAS products.


Standard Edition

– Weblogic Standard Edition
– Jeus Standard Edition
– IBM WebSphere Base

Enterprise Edition

– Weblogic Enterprise Edition
– Jeus Enterprise Edition
– IBM WebSphere ND


Standard Edition

Servlet Container, EJB Container, Thread Pool, Connection Pool, JMS, Web Services

Enterprise Edition
Standard Edition function
Session Clustering

Additional operating function of EJB Clustering & JMS clustering


Standard Edition
  • Application to non critical tasks
  • Application to tasks without necessity of Stand Alone and Session Failover
  • Provision of the identical WAS function and quality with Enterprise WAS except for clustering
  • Low installation cost
Enterprise Edition
  • Application to mission critical tasks
  • Application to tasks which needs session failover in a distributed surrounding
  • High installation cost (3~8 times higher cost than Standard Edition)
  • Additional provision of clustering function
    ※ However, non provision of Session clustering between different kinds of WAS


We offer a solution which enables operators to operate reliable services effectively and efficiently, through providing Session Clustering function on behalf of Enterprise Edition of commercial WAS,